Latest Update on Dr. Gho!

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Dr. Gho, a Dutch researcher, has made ground-breaking discoveries in the field of hair multiplication. He has been testing his procedure in humans for several years now. Many believe that Dr. Gho's procedure actually stimulates balding follicles to grow healthy hair again. This process is different from the process, called neogenesis, where new follicles are grown in the scalp.

Dr. Gho's hair multiplication procedure was expected to be released by now, but he ran into business and technical research issues. Although Dr. Gho continues to work toward developing an effective hair multiplication solution, it is debatable whether he will be able to release a marketable procedure before Intercytex and Aderans.

Dr. Gho currently offers a procedure called HairStemCell Transplant (HST), which is a cross between hair multiplication and hair transplant. This procedure appears to be the least invasive procedure currently on the market and results in minimal surgical pain and scarring. Dr. Gho claims that approximately 80% of the donor hairs actually grow back and can be harvested again in a subsequent procedure. The drawback of Dr. Gho's procedure appears to be that only around 600 follicles can be moved per procedure. Thus, restoring a full head of hair (if possible) would result in considerable expense and take a very long time. Other than that, it appears to be an amazing breakthrough and is a proof of concept of more effective hair multiplication treatments that will come in the future. You can find more information on doctor Gho's work here. Or you can read James Bond's interview with Dr. Gho here.

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